I have been told to tell you:

The Emergence into The 5th World has begun.


   People who can be ‘Spiritual’ have been being born for a while now. People of all walks of Life and all colors have started to feel the energy of what it-is-to-be. New kinds of plants are being manifested, also old plants have made a reentrance.

   The covenant is ‘never turn on the Creator or Creation’. If you do not break this covenant then ‘newness’ will appear in your life. If you have been breaking the covenant with the Creator turn from this path, and the ‘newness’ can be perceived by you. The ‘Spiritual’ people who keep the covenant will be empowered.

   Do not confuse the man’s law with Human/Creators covenant. For words will never express what the energy feels like.

   The comprehension of Harmony and Convergence brings energy upon you. This energy - This knowledge of this energy - The personal being of this ‘energy’ is THE KEY into the 5th world.

   This energy is awakening in everyone and the smart, clever people have you looking outside your ‘self’ for belongingness and fulfillment of this ‘feeling’, this ‘awareness’.

  The feelings, the awareness, the search for expression are all external senses. The covenant with the Creator, what ever this benevolent force may be, is an internal realization. The knowingness of belonging is the legacy of all of us. How far astray has this led us down through ‘time’ (the Fourth dimension). For the creator gave to us the ability to ‘see’, the ability to know, in harmony with these gifts come the authority and the power over all land and life. To hold in trust and to persevere until the Creator returns.

   When the ‘sight’ of Beingness is cleared it can be understood why man of all colors have been cut off from the Knowledge of Being, and now live in disharmony.

   Gossip, false witnessing, causes a division and a misunderstanding between people. Telling lies for whatever reason, fragments people and this causes division in families, in our loved ones.

   In the World, there is lying, stealing and purposeful misleading going on every second of every day. Will this type of relationship bring harmony and harmonic convergence into our family; into this Life-Space?

   All the wars in the name of bringing an end to all sorrows, a cure to what ails us, will not accomplish harmony. Nor will it engender this feeling inside of us, which is the necessary key to emergence either to the 5th World or to our passover into the next dimension.

   We have to live as a family. In families we find those who do not understand and use free will of the sacred energy to commit whatever out of Balance Acts, which further distort comprehension and awareness.

   But when the whole is coherent then separateness in a few can be dealt with. However, fragmentation in the Elders will not heal anything nor bring Spiritual Beingness into Being.

   The first right for most of us has been lost due to ‘our place on Earth according to man’. The sacredness of the world, given-to-us becomes increasingly harder to be born into. This energy of being-at-home by birth becomes less and less felt. This danger brings sorrow and misfortune not only to one but to all.

   An Elder said, “If you have a way to spread the truth then do so. Tell what you know in any medium. The truth of the Hopi lives in everyone.”

   Earth, the matrix, through the Creator offers to some, light to all, while at the same time opening its bounty, its legacy to us all.

   A few in the name of the Creator or in the name of what's-good-for-all-of-us, enact as if divine powers of anointment were with them and runs in their family alone. And they seek to keep it so.

   Don’t be annoying but tell the truth and appreciate the breath, which unifies us all.

   The shaking of the World is about to happen and the Emergence into the 5th world has begun.

   The key is within. There will not be another, for Eternity lies inside. Enjoy the ‘Newness’

In Being:


AHo..."I" have spoken

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