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For the Time Beings

Néishté speaks

For a very long time some understandings have only been shared within our communities (Kiva) or among the elders circle. Most of the information has been known within the Medicine Wheel elder who practices certain principles everyday. This is an attempt at impeccability between our Spirit and the Creation. It is manifested in energy-of-being which is available to us all. We are attempting to share with no endorsement...not right nor wrong; not true or false.

In an attempt to look at some points together I am willing for others to entertain your interest with some 'imagery.' This 'imagery' is not meant to represent the 'whole' from one particular fragment or bite of information. But rather the intent is to present a glimpse into what might assist in the Emergence of each one of us.

Let me state one point of reference from which all others are assembled, and hopefully, utilized:

Each of us have a 'center' which is 'energy' and eternally so. In this Spiritual center there is but room for personal ‘energy.’ There are ways of centering this ‘energy’ and ways to use it.

In the following 'bits' it is our sincerest wish that your Spirit find and enjoy the Creator’s magnificence, as well as, expanding your ways-of-being. Only the Spirit is absolute, not just where your thoughts lead you. No matter where the wandering leads, the connection for Creation is YOU...THERE IS NO OTHER MATRIX.

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