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   (Ed note: this was translated from the native language into English so some holes may exist – there was no one who spoke the language fluently for a direct interpretation – but we believe the essence of the message is here.)

   Dominance of Nature…by Wisdom of Man = Omnipotence over Creation by wisdom of man.

   The Manifest Destiny provision that came here with ‘organized’ religion led to a discrepancy in the image of God.

   The self-serving religion of the ‘misfits’ gave a false impression that God had given everything for man’s use, consumption, and this led to abuse. Abuse of the womb, which houses us all. Good-Bad-Indifferent, all share the Creators gift of Life-energy.

   Whether we know it or not, attitudes of the society and birth culture shape our image of the Earth. The heathen notion of loving the trees, grass, animals all went the way of ‘Dominance’. An ungodly and unholy worship of the religions of the Pagans.

   Untrue images of Life, which we need to balance with the truth of Reality. Not just the Reality (????) us, but the one which constantly creates and unfolds.

   Consciousness, which comes from ‘God’ consciousness, needs to expand to a ‘Creation Gift ‘ concept. Christian concept of ‘Ruling the World’ would be Being-in-the-world. Which gives all of us the magic elixir.

Nature connection

Sacred Earth not desecration

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