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   The following are excerpts from a conversation between Willow and the Elders. It may not be complete, having been recorded by some of the younger members. We hope you find knowledge here; we did.

   Shift from between the world's is now going on. Learn awareness and perception. In 1987-2012 is the time to develop the kiva through personal evolving . If we learn the power of harmony and align with creations principles, then it we can create the next phase *(spiritual)* of our earthly life or physical life. We are close to an end of technology.

   In 2012 the Earth and our solar system will pass through galactic harmony: i.e. synchronization of physical energy. This a cycle is 26,000 years. Time is based upon a resonance (pulse) of 7.83 cycles per second; we are now at 12 cycles per second. (Schumann Resonance) This has been on the rise since the 1980's *7.53 per second to 120 cycles per second to go day it is 7.83 multiplied by 60 by 24 .*

   During this crack between the world's *(fourth or fifth)* change is rapid and often misunderstood. We have to learn our spirit. The important point for us is to stay centered and trust the power that allowed our Beings to manifest here on this plane. When we are confronted, what motivates our decisions (our will) in this confrontation: Personal survival-fear of punishment-rejection of authority-hatred for cause and/or effect/affect.

   Choose Love for your manifestation, develop your intuition (the leaks which come into consciousness or the material which comes to your centered awareness.) Remember love of your gift , of your responsibility , allows good development and allows the reflective conscious mechanism to draw from a longer, larger consciousness of ancestors, man, life, etc..

   Be responsible to what you are aware of-especially what you think. Thought is the diagram for now interaction and what you think now gets added to the field. Our personal reality is and has been accepted or created by our thoughts, and the drawing of our thoughts past into the moment, the nanosecond. To open the spirit into an omnipresent pool of knowledge is to transcend one's personal knowledge, constructed by thought and motivation for solving existential events.

   If we see correctly, then often influence from our solutions or position can be left in a flux as whole yet partial at the same time. Be existentially aware of what you are thinking, especially drawing absolute conclusions. This forms a basis for metaprogramming by ‘your knowledge’ upon the creators universe. Look 360 degrees spherically, i.e. in all directions and let the perusal be as centered as possible, try not to absolutely categorize your perceptions, but simply storing them as they occur in order that these matters find their own categories.

   Pay attention to the interface with persons, places, things events. Ask yourself “Does someone try to push this solution?” How weighted is the presentation to your awareness i.e. does the presented seek to offer an obvious solution? Retard your reaction so intuition and/or revelation can fill this void. Be careful upon whom you ask to fill this void for you: the not knowingness.

   To a problem offered up in order for us to beg them to answer the void or ask them to do the solution for you or me. Be aware of your center and stand fast. Sometimes solutions take some timeage. Ask yourself did I do this? Who did this?? What is behind the interface and wait for insight.

   As the resonance of the earth goes from 7.8 cycles to 12 there are many effects. Spirit has been here before when changes occurred. When the resonance hits 13, Earth’s electric field will be gone. The Earth will stop and in three days reverse with current running in the opposite direction.

   Now what does that mean in System theory?: it means changes in our electrical systems. Man, if given enough time, will adapt due to realignment and interaction physically which will allow future forms of life to manifest.

   Some of the changes our spirit will experience as we try to change to meet the challenge will be as follows: Lack of current which is affected at the micro voltage levels could cause heart palpitations (i.e. since we use light, (frequency), and micro bioelectric voltage to integrate what is perceived, this will lead to memory malfunction; in some cases very little change. There is something you can do.) There will be headaches, confusion, migraines.

   Since the current produced in the Spine is Life energy-voltage-and mechanical potential that’s available, could cause tingling-a feeling of moving much like breathing (pulsating). Affects nerves and sending mechanism as well as understanding (i.e. confusion internally) also cramps, weakness.

   Since the overall field is affected, viruses may be able to move in and out and in fact ,as well as, affect us

   Since the spirit interprets the affects such as confusion, weakness, heart and breathing difficulties as sickness, there will be Spiritual receptivity to the thought that one must be out of order and is at dis-ease. A form of not being.

   There will be a mental activity in the reaction to fear-hate-etc.. Everything felt will be intensely ‘all too real.’ Introversion of these things leads to pandemonium and chaos. Then the physical threat gets all too real. Many things affected such as food supply; people in fear.

   If the spirit can know that it is centered in Creation, then there can be control of this fear and as the body becomes more aware of the physical sensations, especially interpreting them, as physical, instead of spiritual condemnation, then the new vibrations can be learned and adapted too.

   Each of our physical bodies have begun the change. Our DNA is being of reprogrammed. Man has been here before so self preservation, species affirmation comes in. A very powerful-creation directive. Reprogram DNA and the genetic change which this implies will be expanded. -Reprogrammed by Universal law- We are going from two strands of DNA to * *

   If the Spirit can remain Spiritual in resonance (in harmony) then there too will be physical changes. Then all our intuitive, healing, telepathic abilities will emerge and, have started to already. These abilities can also be misused and categorized socially by who has access to these intuitive clairvoyant powers. If we have not Spiritually advanced then these new gifts could help a few to corner all the markets.

   Centered we must be.

   There are other changes to the mutation of the physical such as receptivity to light. Here we may become like the cat, or form a film which automatically drops when intensity of sunlight needs to be shaded from the new atmosphere with its light.

   Now alive are these children born since 1987-These abilities have started to be inborn.

   We can evolve to where these children are being born if we learn the Doctrine of Intonation, the Doctrine of Frequency.

   Let's look at the changes: often high temperature, aching joints, things not easily diagnosed by doctors who do not see anything but physical symptoms.

   Different pains untreatable by pain killers. Ringing in the ears. Dizziness, nose trouble with mucusions. Diarrhea for no reason , constipation due to Spirit reacting in fear . The feeling of expanding or quaking-pain in the back-fatigue with the need to rest more. Rest more if you can. Breathing becomes shallow (should do yoga) ... One sure sign is that nails and hair grow quicker. (Dead cells being dismissed faster as the physical body seeks to change.)

   The main concern in the introversion of the Spirit, by feelings being affected in ‘reality’ but perceived by the person as signs of sickness, can lead to depression.

   When the spirit looks at it in reality the depression has no real root.

   The problem comes when no real reason is given for the introversion.

   By delving into the past, a looking at events past in an effort to get clarity for living today and to get solutions and clarity in personal matters is just mental masturbation, usually without ending in pleasure. Many will feel the dread of something going to happen. * * anxiety (angst) - stressed beyond management, feeling of impending doom.

   You have to remember during these times that you are only passing through and that you are part of Creation.

Thank you Grandfather
Thank you Creator



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